Distracted – Squirrel

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In the Disney/Pixar movie Up, one of the furry characters is a dog named Dug. Throughout the movie, Dug is often dis — SQUIRREL!

This proves to be the case, not just for Dug, but also for the — SQUIRREL!

What is a rather interesting side note is that there are no squirrels seen anywhere in the — SQUIRREL!


On a more serious note, it was my intention to use the humor to point out a few thoughts.

1) It is far too easy to get distracted when writing. The phone rings, the doorbell gets pushed, the internet demands your attention, the coffee finishes percolating, the computer chimes out “You’ve Got Mail”, etc. etc. etc.

2) At the end of the day, while you may allow yourself to be distracted, your readers will never see any squirrels. The only people who are actually impacted by the nut-gathering rodents are you, you, and you. Yes, it is true that your book will not be written as quickly, but the readers will probably never know.

3) The distractions will only hurt you in the end. You will lose a character that you thought of. You might forget an entire scene that you had taken weeks to formulate, but it will be lost to the mists of your brain because of the “squirrels” that you allowed to distract you.

What is the answer? You have to determine what is more important – your writing or the squirrels clamoring for your attention. You have to put boundaries in place that will allow you to keep doing day after day and week after week the things you like and long to do – WRITING.

Here are two questions for you to consider. What squirrels are keeping you from becoming an author? What will you do to keep them away from your mind so you can be successful?


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