Journaling – Part 3

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When I write, it allows me to escape to worlds of my own choosing. I can write of battles where I am always the victor, or I can explore a verdant planet where no humans have ever stepped.  On the other hand, I can solve mysteries where the clues have grown cold, or I can write in ways that rewrite the pages of history. When pen comes to hand, words can often come at a premium to describe what is in my head.

Journaling allows me, at no cost, to use all the free words that I can find. Each word can be tucked away in a corner of the page, or it can be scrawled in a script large enough to make Thomas Jefferson blush over how small his signature was on the Declaration of Independence.

Journaling is an exercise that is for my benefit. Each day that I write, my brain is filled with more thoughts than I can remember to put down. More planets, more plots, more characters, more love stories, more poems, more of everything that dictates who and what I believe I am – a writer.

Each word will convey not just what I want it to mean, but many of them will take on a life of their own. That is because each of us are different. I can write of a dystopian world just as easily as I can choose to make it a utopian world. I can write in a way to confuse your mind through alternate realities, or I can live out a life through a character who is perfect and idealistic.

If I speak of the planet, Vulcan, your mind will probably take a different turn than mine would. You might think immediately of Ambassadors Spock or Sarek, whereas, my thoughts might wonder about what it would be like to live on a planet that is hot and dying.

If I write of a swashbuckling adventure where I rescue the damsel in distress and slash my way across the Caribbean, I might think of similarities with Pirates of the Caribbean, but the first thing that comes to your mind will be the time you went out on the Pacific Ocean in a 14′ Boston Whaler and became violently sick over the side.

This is just one of the exciting why I write every day. I write to purge my brain of today’s thoughts so that it can be refilled with more new and exciting adventures, thoughts, tear-filled emotions, or humor. Journaling then shows me what I need to get rid of and what might be a “real keeper.”

So, here is a challenge for this beautiful Monday, October 13, 2014.

Why do you journal? What excites you about putting your thoughts on paper? You are welcome to share in the comment boxes. Besides, it is another opportunity to write something.



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