The Dream – Journaling – Part 4

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Down through the years, I have had many dreams and aspirations. Most of them have never seen the light of day. Oh, I might have written a New Year’s resolution and promised myself that some of the dreams on my bucket list would become a reality throughout the upcoming months. Sadly, many of my dreams never even made it to the list of resolutions either.

Journaling, or writing on a regular basis, has been a new journey for me. I used to complain that I was not getting very far with my writing, but I could not substantiate my claim to wanting to be a writer because my writing was haphazard at best. I might go for 5-6 days, or 5-6 weeks, and even 5-6 months without adding one paragraph to any of the writing projects.

One of the reasons for starting this new blog is that it has forced me to research and find quotes, videos, and other writing helps that help me to aspire to reach new heights. My goal is not so much to reach tens of thousands as it is to write tens of thousands. Yes, it will be nice if one day I have a large audience, but before I reach those goals, I have had to learn a hard lesson.

Thousands will not read your words if you do not write for the hundreds you already have.  Hundreds will not read your thoughts if you do not write for the tens or twenties that read you now. Some people are misguided into thinking that their writing will change or that they will put more effort into their projects IF ONLY more people were following them. There is an ancient Greek word for this type of thinking — HOGWASH!

If the tens or twenties who read you now are not worth your best efforts, then your best efforts will never be worth the hundreds or thousands you want to follow you.  Some of the best public speakers I have ever heard were those who spoke and engaged the audience of a few just as if they were speaking to thousands in a large auditorium or coliseum.

Here is the bottom line. If you have a dream of being a writer, then learn to write today as though the entire world is reading you. However, you must also learn to write today as though the entire world is watching but will never read what you write. Write for you. The rest will come.

“What have you done TODAY to make your dream come true?”



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