Be Yourself

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In the type of work that I have done over the last 20+ years, I have often found people who are not interested in changing. If they are interested, it is often for the wrong reasons. A wrong reason is so that people will like you. Now, if you have a chip on your shoulder and think the entire world owes you something, then you should change. Nobody likes being around that kind of person.

Writing is not really any different. Aspiring writers want to emulate their favorite authors and fail miserably. You cannot change your writing style to match somebody else or because you think that is the only way people will like your writing. The truth is that you just need to be yourself. Eventually, your book or novel or poems or whatever you are writing will find the right audience. You cannot be somebody or something you are not.

So, stop trying so hard. Just be yourself in your writing. It will make you unique in a world full of copycats.



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