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There are some days I feel like the cookie monster in my writing. My head runs full of plots, story lines, character sets, and transitional statements. My fingers fly over my keyboard or scribble away on a notebook.

I am living in the moment but then a cookie distracts me.

Maybe it is not finding the right word, the spelling or grammar looks wrong no matter how many times I have edited that same stupid sentence, the character just does not seem as real today, or any host of other reasons that have made my desire to write unpleasant.

There is nothing wrong with cookies. In fact, nice hard, thick chocolate chip cookies to dunk in my tea or coffee is always nice, no matter what time of day! What is wrong is when things become unpleasant and we stop living in the moment that we do not just resort to eating a cookie, but we stay at the cookie jar and forget they are meant to be treats.

So, if you have been distracted from your writing or whatever you have chosen to do, finish your cookie and get back to work. There will always be more cookies for another day.

Must go eat a cookie now! Oops, I mean, I must go do some more writing — right after I finish my cookie.


One thought on “Cookies…

    J.L. Pattison said:
    January 5, 2015 at 10:38 pm

    My cookies of distraction are usually work and family.


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