Writers – Beware

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To my readers,

What do you think of this comment? Personally, I believe there is a great deal of validity to paying for publishing. However, I realize that this may just be a paradigm shift. Would love to know your thoughts.



3 thoughts on “Writers – Beware

    Andrew said:
    March 11, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    Like many things in life the truth lies somewhere in between. There are valid reasons for an author to self-publish a book – that is become a consumer of printing services and selling the book on their own. Or do as a friend of mine did – he wrote his autobiography and then printed 200 as gifts to family and friends. Those who see traditional publishers as “the only legitimate” for a writer to publish miss the point of why some of us write. I don’t need a publisher’s validation to prove I am a writer and I am not in it to make large sums of money. I have a book that I am writing that I’ll likely self-publish because it has a very limited market (maybe a 1,000) and I know that no publisher will ever buy it. But the work is important to me and I am willing to be a consumer of publishing services to see that my 1,000 readers get my words (even if I don’t make money). Those are my thoughts.

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    Christopher Peter said:
    March 20, 2015 at 7:01 am

    I think it’s a valid point. Some people seem to condemn virtually the whole concept of paid publishing services, tending to band it all ‘vanity publishing’, simply on the ground that you can do most/all of it yourself for low or zero cost and therefore anyone selling those services is highly suspect. But just because you could theoretically do something yourself it doesn’t mean that’s always the best way, especially if in reality you lack the time or expertise to do it well. And really, to have any hope of selling many books, you really do need to do it as well as you possibly can, if not better.

    I’ve no doubt that, when it comes to paid author services, there is a whole spectrum of quality and value for money, and some probably isn’t very good or suited to everyone, but conversely some is well worth considering. The dictum ‘buyer beware’ applies here as elsewhere.

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