!*?!*& – Say What?

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A great article from Michael Hyatt points out how profanity is costing businesses more than they might think.


One thought on “!*?!*& – Say What?

    J.L. Pattison said:
    May 17, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    Yes, yes, yes. Finally someone is addressing the proverbial elephant in the room. I am growing more and more weary with the landslide of vulgarity and profanity that is saturating our everyday lives. There is no longer any decency or shame left, and any indignation that our society does still possess is reserved for those “prudes” who dare say they don’t want to be assualted with a steady diet of the profane. Black is white, up is down, left is right, and evil is good & good is evil.


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