Never Forget!

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While the details of why or how 9/11 happened are not always what they appeared or how it was portrayed by the media and the government, what remains is the fact that it has grossly affected the USA and the world at large.

We do not live in a safer world, nor a safer USA. Almost 3,000 died that day in the attacks perpetrated on American soil. Since that day, several thousand soldiers have died, and many thousands more have been wounded, fighting in wars far from our lands only to have the government back off and allow ISIS to gain control. America no longer has the respect of many nations and we have become a laughing stock, not a picture that was once Lady Liberty calling to those who yearned to breathe free.

Families continue to struggle through the memories while our justice system has decayed. Government officials are allowed to commit treason with impunity. Within our own borders, police live in fear because some government officials have decided that only certain lives matter, not all of them. The Constitution is rewritten by some to suit their own nefarious schemes and those who cry out like a watchman on the wall are decried as unpatriotic or just scaremongering.

So, America, may we never forget that 9/11/2001 changed many things. May we never forget that we are a people under bondage. May we never forget that thousands of families are suffering today through grief and heartache because of that bondage. May we never forget that while freedom is never free, neither does freedom come through a government that does not care for all of its people.

Small vocal groups are holding us hostage more and more with each passing week. Laws are being passed that do not reflect the Judeo-Christian beliefs that this country was founded upon. Religious freedom only works for those who truly hate Biblical Christianity. There are places in America that are unsafe to walk during the day or night.

If we forget what actually happened and what is currently happening, then we will fall into the trap that the only thing we will learn from history is that we never learned from history.  If we forget what it was like to live in a truly free America, the next generation will grow up thinking the chains of bondage are actually freedom. The next event will most probably take away even more of our freedoms that people like my grandfather in WW2 fought to give us. Few will be the wiser because the few are quickly dying away while they shake their heads in disbelief that America could have forgotten in just a small handful of decades.

Never forget America! Not for the sake of 9/11, but for the sake of the future!


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