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The Island

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Just a shout-out to my readers about a great book that should not only be a part of every library, but should be required reading.  J.L. Pattison does a great job weaving a story without all the extra baggage that accompanies most novels. The book is now available on Amazon in Kindle format as well as paperback.

The Island


Interview with J.L. Pattison

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If you are interested in watching the Kickstarter Live Feed that I did with author J.L. Pattison, I have included it here for your viewing pleasure. Pattison is a great friend and has published two books so far with a third in the editing stage.

For more information on his recent Kickstarter campaign, visit him on his blog site.

An indie author’s work is never done.

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My good friend, J.L., continues to add insult to injury. Not only has he trumped me to the self-publishing table, but now he has also decided that he will be his own in-depth marketing firm for his first book!

Seriously, I am pleased to see how far he has come with this book as well as the first advertisement for a book I would highly recommend.

The Visitor is part science fiction and part history; it’s part time travel and part mystery. With a tablespoon of politics, a pinch of dystopia, and a dash of conspiracy, this tale will take you on an entertaining ride with an ending you won’t expect.” — At least, that is what I read somewhere!

Author J.L. Pattison

There’s so much more to writing than the writing.

After writing your story, you have countless editing and rewrites to look forward to, then a cover to be conceived and designed, then publishing. But just when you think it’s over, now comes the labor of promoting your work. And somewhere in all of that you’re supposed to be working on your next piece.

The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes is why so many people are in love with the idea of writing, but never end up producing anything. The writing craft involves a lot of lonely work with little recognition (and even less pay).

So if you’re a writer but are feeling discouraged, don’t give up. Remember why you’re doing this. Remember that you can’t not write. It’s who you are; it’s in your blood.


I am currently in the promotion phase for my debut…

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Shout-out at the MA Corral

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Some of you may have noticed my new logo, but I wanted to give a timely shout-out to a dear friend, J.L. Pattison, who put this together for me. There are several parts to this logo that have special significance and will be revealed in due time. Thank you to all my readers and followers. Keep up with your writing. One day it will pay off.


Amazon to begin paying self-published authors by pages read. 

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Some thoughts that J.L. Pattison shared on his blog. What do you think about this?

Author J.L. Pattison

IMG_3683I’m not sure if this a good thing or a bad thing. What is your opinion?

(Reuters) – It could soon pay more to write lengthier books, if you are an author self-publishing on Amazon.com Inc’s Kindle ebook platform.

Starting next month, the e-commerce giant will pay independent authors based on the number of pages read, rather than the number of times their book has been borrowed.

The move is aimed at authors enrolled in Kindle Direct Publishing platform – which lets authors set list prices, decide rights and edit the book at any time – and is applicable to ebooks made available via the Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library programs.

Read the entire article by Sai Sachan here.

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Who Inspired You?

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1. My wife, Violet, has been my biggest supporter and encourager to continue writing, especially on days when I did not feel like it. Her support for the words I put on a page has been a huge help even when we both know it was really not worth reading in its 218th edited format. Her stock phrase after I ask, “Well, what do you think?” is normally “It’s good. No, really, it’s good. I like it.” This means I have to go back and reword another sentence, paragraph, chapter, or just start over!

2. My sons, M, T, and S, have long insisted that they like my writings and my stories, but they may be prejudiced because they wanted more allowance growing up! Now that they are older, they don’t want to disappoint their mom, so they still tell me how much they like my ramblings.

3. One of my best friends, J.L. Pattison, has been another big source of inspiration. He has kept at his own writing as well as spent time cajoling, needling, and just plain being a nuisance to those of us who on some days could have written something but didn’t. He keeps checking to see if I have more followers and I respond by checking his, all the while hoping that I have caught up to the number of readers he has. However, he somehow manages to bribe more people to join his cause than I have been able to do. I encourage you to follow his blog as well, but only if you have followed mine first!

4. Another shout-out to another of my best friends, Sony Elise. (As a side note, I only have a handful of best friends as I unfriended all the other ones who didn’t like my stories!) Sony has actually edited just about every story and magazine article I have ever written. She has used much red ink in her pursuit of making my stories readable. Her side comments like, “Not worth reading” or “You call this writing” or “Maybe you should keep your day job” have inspired me to bee a mutch bitter righter! Seriously, she is a great editor and I recommend her services highly.

5. Finally, there are many others who have inspired me including extended family and other friends. However, I think this last place has to go to somebody who does not know me and that has never met me. It is those authors I have long read and those who have read my writings. Together, these have been an inspiration to keep going. The authors persevered so that others could follow after them, while those who read me encourage me to write another day.

To each and every one of you, a huge THANK YOU!

PS – What inspires you?