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My favorite editor, Sony Elise, is very busy these days. Currently, she is working on some major projects with one of them being for a major publishing house. Another project is a book that is part of a new trilogy that will be going to market soon. Keep tuned for further shout-outs about this historical fiction series set in the early days of the Roman Empire.

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However, like a lot of editors, she wants to make sure she keeps busy long into the future. This is the reason for another shout-out. If you want somebody that is a solid performer at incredible price points to edit your book, manuscript, or writing project, then contact Sony for a personalized, free quote.

Her motto – “Turning Good Books into Great Books” is a motto she strives to work by with every editing project. I am sure you will not be disappointed, and I am positive your book will not be either.



Who Inspired You?

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1. My wife, Violet, has been my biggest supporter and encourager to continue writing, especially on days when I did not feel like it. Her support for the words I put on a page has been a huge help even when we both know it was really not worth reading in its 218th edited format. Her stock phrase after I ask, “Well, what do you think?” is normally “It’s good. No, really, it’s good. I like it.” This means I have to go back and reword another sentence, paragraph, chapter, or just start over!

2. My sons, M, T, and S, have long insisted that they like my writings and my stories, but they may be prejudiced because they wanted more allowance growing up! Now that they are older, they don’t want to disappoint their mom, so they still tell me how much they like my ramblings.

3. One of my best friends, J.L. Pattison, has been another big source of inspiration. He has kept at his own writing as well as spent time cajoling, needling, and just plain being a nuisance to those of us who on some days could have written something but didn’t. He keeps checking to see if I have more followers and I respond by checking his, all the while hoping that I have caught up to the number of readers he has. However, he somehow manages to bribe more people to join his cause than I have been able to do. I encourage you to follow his blog as well, but only if you have followed mine first!

4. Another shout-out to another of my best friends, Sony Elise. (As a side note, I only have a handful of best friends as I unfriended all the other ones who didn’t like my stories!) Sony has actually edited just about every story and magazine article I have ever written. She has used much red ink in her pursuit of making my stories readable. Her side comments like, “Not worth reading” or “You call this writing” or “Maybe you should keep your day job” have inspired me to bee a mutch bitter righter! Seriously, she is a great editor and I recommend her services highly.

5. Finally, there are many others who have inspired me including extended family and other friends. However, I think this last place has to go to somebody who does not know me and that has never met me. It is those authors I have long read and those who have read my writings. Together, these have been an inspiration to keep going. The authors persevered so that others could follow after them, while those who read me encourage me to write another day.

To each and every one of you, a huge THANK YOU!

PS – What inspires you?

Killing Your Story – Quote (74)

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“Editing is like killing your story and then very slowly bringing it back to life.” — Jean Oram

20% Special Discount Offer

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I have had the privilege of introducing my readers to a few people who have helped me in my pursuit as an author. One of these people is Sony Elise, who runs her own editing business. Since beginning her first editing job in high school, she has been proofreading and editing magazines, editorials, and books for over 25 years.

Sony Elise Editing Services is a new direction for her editing services starting this year. As she branches out on her own, she is offering an end-of-year special discount for the months of October through December of 20% off either of her editing packages. This is good for any book or story with a minimum purchase of $20. Having used her services several times, I know that her prices are more than competitive and you will be pleased with her work.

To obtain the discount, simply mention to Sony that you found the discount on either of my blogs and you will receive the 20% discount.


Shout-out (2) — Sony Elise

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Hello Friends,

This second shout-out goes to Sony Elise, who is doing the professional editing of my book. Sony is a homeschool graduate and has been an editor for magazines and books for almost 25 years.


Currently, she works with her brother, Israel Wayne, in a ministry called, “Family Renewal” and she also runs her own Christian editing business which she is working on building, Sony Elise Editing Services. For further details, you may follow the listed links. If you are looking for an editor, I highly recommend contacting Sony for a free, no-obligation quote.

Sony is a good friend and we have known her and her family since the late 1990’s which puts both of us closer to old age than I will admit! We try not to hold it against her, but she does drink her coffee black most of the time and listens to Southern Gospel music (which drives her brother insane). Sony does have a good sense of humor or I might be looking for a new editor at this point.

She writes words of encouragement occasionally at Defending Contending as well as on her own site Southern Gospel World. Although she can’t tell you how many home runs or bases stolen in the season, I am fairly certain she likes the Green Bay Packers as well just like J.L. Pattison! LOL

Thank you for your help, Sis. Sony.